Dr. Greene's Work In Haiti

Dr. Greene's Work In Haiti

Dr. Greene's experience following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti was pivotal. “I had received this call: ‘There’s an orphanage and there are 25 kids with broken bones, and their biggest need is an orthopaedic surgeon. Can you leave tomorrow?’” he recalls. “And so I felt like my whole life I had been preparing for this moment."

When To See A Doctor For Hip Pain

When to See a Doctor for Hip Pain

Hip pain can interfere with everyday life. If you have experienced long-term hip pain or a sudden onset of symptoms, it might be time to see a doctor.

Common Fishing Injuries And How To Prevent Them

Common Fishing Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Although many of us see fishing as a relaxing recreational activity, it is a very physical activity, and you can injure yourself if you aren’t careful. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common fishing injuries and what you can do to keep yourself safe.

8 Essential Nutrients For Bone And Joint Health

8 Essential Nutrients for Bone and Joint Health

Maintaining a healthy diet is important, even if you don’t have joint pain. However, if you do have joint pain caused by osteoarthritis or inflammatory arthritis, you may want to incorporate these foods into your diet to help with inflammation and joint health.

What To Do If You Hurt Yourself While Playing Sports

What to Do If You Hurt Yourself While Playing Sports

Sports injuries can be disappointing, but failure to receive proper treatment could result in bigger problems down the road. Athletes, parents, and coaches need to work together to make sure injuries are attended to.

5 Ways Smoking Affects Your Bones And Soft Tissues

5 Ways Smoking Affects Your Bones and Soft Tissues

It is widely known that smoking has been linked to some cancers and diseases of the heart and lungs, but many people aren’t aware that smoking can negatively affect the bones and soft tissues as well. In fact, smoking can impact the bones and soft tissues in several ways.

Safety Tips For Four-Wheeling And Mud Riding

Safety Tips for Four-Wheeling and Mud Riding

Four-wheelers or ATVS are often used for entertainment during activities like mud riding, but they can be very dangerous if you ignore the safety precautions. These tips will help you stay safe while operating an ATV.

Ladder Safety Tips For Holiday Decorating

Ladder Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating

Over the holidays, many of you will be putting up decorations inside and outside your homes. During this time of year, I see a lot of patients with injuries related to ladder use. Ladders can be very helpful when putting up decorations, but improper use could land you in the emergency room if you aren’t careful.

Keep Your Kids Safe On The Trampoline

Keep Your Kids Safe on the Trampoline

Trampolines can be lots of fun. Many families even have trampolines in their backyards for the kids to play on, but safety is definitely an issue. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there were approximately 94,900 trampoline-related injuries treated in emergency rooms in 2012 and 22 deaths between 2000 and 2009.

Common Overuse Injuries In Child Athletes

Common Overuse Injuries in Child Athletes

Overuse injuries are common among all athletes, but they are particularly a concern among child athletes. According to STOP Sports Injuries, over 3.5 million children aged 14 and under are treated for sports injuries every year, accounting for almost 40% of sports injuries treated in hospitals. Additionally, high school athletes account for an estimated 2 million sports injuries every year.

The Best And Worst Diet Trends For Arthritis And Bone Health

The Best and Worst Diet Trends for Arthritis and Bone Health

Fad diets come and go, and some are more effective than others. It can be tempting to try out the latest diet trends, especially if all of your friends are doing it. However, some foods are better at helping with bone health and inflammation than others. If you have arthritis, not all diet trends may be best for you, even if they help you to lose weight.

Does Your Child Have Growing Pains, Or Is It More Serious?

Does Your Child Have Growing Pains, or Is It More Serious?

Parents’ minds can sometimes jump to the worst conclusions when their children complain of an ache or pain, thinking it could be an injury or a chronic condition. Sometimes, though, those aches and pains are simply growing pains.

ACL Injuries In Athletes

ACL Injuries in Athletes

Most ACL injuries are the result of direct contact, and for that reason the injury is most common among football players. With the right training and education, we may be able to reduce the likelihood of an ACL injury.

Does Your Child Have Juvenile Arthritis? Look For These Signs

Does Your Child Have Juvenile Arthritis? Look for These Signs

Juvenile arthritis is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the body attacks healthy cells and tissues, leading to inflammation in the joints. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), juvenile arthritis affects approximately 250,000 children aged 16 and under, making it the most common form of arthritis in children.

6 Tips For Exercising After Joint Replacement Surgery

6 Tips for Exercising After Joint Replacement Surgery

Exercise is a very important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but those who have undergone joint replacement surgery may find that they have to modify their normal fitness routines to accommodate the new joint.

The Best And Worst Fitness Fads For Arthritis

The Best and Worst Fitness Fads for Arthritis

In the new year, a lot of people make resolutions to make healthier choices and exercise more. Gyms are always offering new classes and services to keep up with fitness trends, and trying new classes or training methods can be a good way to shake up your normal routine.

5 Tips For Preventing Injuries While Hunting In A Treestand

5 Tips for Preventing Injuries While Hunting in a Treestand

Treestand accidents are the leading cause of hunting injuries. Make sure you take the proper safety precautions before getting into your treestand.

Does The Weather Really Affect Arthritis Pain?

Does the Weather Really Affect Arthritis Pain?

Can humid climates actually make your arthritis pain worse, or are there other factors at play? Learn more about the possible connection between weather and arthritis pain, and whether moving to a new climate will help.

Golfing With Arthritis? Yes, It’s Possible!

Golfing with Arthritis? Yes, It’s Possible!

Arthritis can cause pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints that can interfere with daily activities and make physical activity difficult. You may be tempted to give up physical activity altogether to avoid pain.